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Fire Burn Workshop


  • 3 Fire burns

  • Ignited with Flame Bars, Flame Throwers, and Flame Canons (mini tramp option available) 

The cost of the Seminar is $2,200. 

Everyone will get to do  3 burns, size will have to do with experience and comfort level.We will use the flame canon (with a mini tramp option), as well as car door with the flame bar.   If you have any cool burn ideas you'd want to do let us know! We love the idea of setting up creative burns.  


      You'll also learn how to set up, and safety fire burns.  Everything is included in the price, except your base layer of CarbonX/Nomex.  Unfortunately with Covid we are asking everyone to provide their own base layer to be extra safe.  

      We have a cinematographer coming out to film everything, so you'll have footage for your reel and not have to worry about shooting things on your phone (but you're welcome to anyway). 

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