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Frank Alfano Jr.  has been a professional stuntman working with fire stunts for over 15 years and with SAG-AFTRA for over 13 years.  He has performed, designed, safetied and coordinated  several different types of fire burns. Including Full Burns, Colored Fire Burns, Skin Burns, and even Face Skin Burns.  Some of his Film and Tv credits for Fire specifically include: Smile, The Exorcism, The Equalizer Tv Series, Good Night Mommy, Lady in The Lake, Let the Right One in Tv series, Terrifier 2, High Heat, FBI, FBI Most Wanted, Gotham, Prodigal Son, Skin, The BlackList,  Americans Got Talent, The Following, Heaven Knows What, Vampire Diaries. 

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Brian Schuley has been a Special Effects specialist for over 30 years.  Having also worked as a stuntman and close with the stunt team over the past 3 decades, Brian has set up countless Fire Burn stunts and different scenarios involving fire for movies and television 

Stunt Team:


Tim Buchanan has been a professional SAG Stunt player for 29 years.   Tim has performed Fire Safety and has worked closely with fire for the past 10 years.  Including shows “American Odyssey”, “Rescue Me”, "Red Hour" and “The Interpreter”.  Safety and knowledge regarding a fire stunt is his top priority.

Mikey Faceburn.heic

Mikey Blouin  was always a physical kid growing up. He’d rather climb a tree and play in the yard than anything else. He continued this trend doing theatre and stage combat and wrestling. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in performing arts emphasizing in stage combat. Afterwards he moved to Orlando FL to try his hand in live stunt shows which he did. Mike also proceeded to really polish his fire stunt skills.  8 years in the happiest place on earth found him bored and ready for the next step so he moved to NYC to get into film and television and has been since 2015. 


Rui Rodriguez is a licensed pyrotechnic and seasoned F/X worker, armorer, and rigger. He often works with The Specialists Ltd.  His credits include film, tv, music videos, and reality tv shows.  He has been doing fire burns North East Fire Stunts since the beginning and recently added the use of a flame thrower to our workshops.  


Anthony Hoang has a background in martial-arts, primarily in Tang Soo Do and later in Muay Thai and BJJ. He competed in weapons and fighting. Anthony took his martial-arts training on the road and ran away with the circus, touring as America's premier karate clown on Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus The Greatest Show on Earth. He spent time zig zagging all across the United States on a 1 mile long train with performers from all over the world. He learned skills from them like juggling, fire performing, acrobatics, pratfalls, motorcycle riding, and aerials. After finishing up his contract, Anthony ran away from the circus and joined a town and began working in stunts.

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Nancy Cantine is a ballet dancer turned SAG-Aftra stunt performer and off Broadway fight and intimacy director. She specializes in fire, falls, and fights with a special focus on historical european martial arts bladework. Her dance choreography credits include music videos for Cedric Gervais, Katy Tiz, as well as Columbia Ballet Collaborative and multiple plays and musicals for playwright Dianne Nora.

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Jenna Hellmuth got her start performing in theme parks, dance shows, and Rocky Horror in Orlando, FL. She first got caught on fire in 2010 when she moved to NYC to take her stunt career to the next level. By 2018, after training fire stunts with multiple coordinators, she had performed burns and fire gags for professional television and film. However her career in fire was just getting started since she joined the FDNY in 2019. She continues her training and stunt work while working in Engine 58 in East Harlem affectionately known as "The Fire Factory"

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